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Sedan, the City of Art and History, a city for travelling back in time!

The proud "Geneva of the north" has never bowed its head, despite being fortified, extended, beautified, wounded, rebuilt, modernised .... Explore it today, with the wounds of the past centuries engraved in its stones.

Let the formidable fortress of the Princes of Sedan take you back to the middle ages! From its rocky spur dominating the bend in the Meuse, the impregnable Castle has been watching over the city for centuries. Mute witness to the fighting of the last three wars, the Castle is a key page in the history of France.

Remembrance tourism
Partez sur les traces de Roger Sommer au Musée des Débuts de l’Aviation, revivez le dernier assaut de la guerre de 1870 à la Maison de la Dernière Cartouche, visitez le musée du plus vieux textile du monde ...
The Ardennes region is full of the traces of the combats which it has witnessed during the countless invasions and migrations over the centuries. This is a land of remembrance in which history speaks for itself and is shared.


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