The peninsula of Iges the misery camp
La presqu'île d'Iges, le camp de la misère
Salle polyvalente (à proximité du lavoir)
08200 GLAIRE
Tel : 03 24 27 73 73
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Difficulty : Easy, 2:45, 8km Location: Glaire Parking : Multipurpose room (near the washhouse) Elevation : mini elevation : 150m Max elevation : 208m
The Iges peninsula formed by a narrow bend of the Meuse below Sedan, was always a point
passage. A secondary Roman road connecting the two major routes Reims-Cologne and Trier Reims-pas- knows IGES and crossed the Meuse by a paved ford.
After the surrender of 1870 at Bellevue Palace, 80,000 soldiers of
the French army were herded in the peninsula, in appalling conditions before being transferred to prison camps in Germany, hence the name "Camp Misery" attributed to the peninsula.
The Construction of the canal that allows barges and pleasure boats to avoid the loop of the Meuse turned Iges into peninsula...
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08200 GLAIRE
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