Croix Piot trail
Worth knowing before setting out: : At an altitude of over 300 m, Mont Piot provides a magnificent view of the Sedan region and the valleys of the Meuse and the Bar. Emperor William 1st followed the battle of 1st September 1870 from this very hilltop.
Marking: white-yellow

We're off !

This trek starts at the Moscou farm, 3 additional km (return trip) from the church of Donchery. From the Moscou farm, walk up the stony path to the viewing table. Take the first path on the left, pass the Saint Onésime Chapel, then continue through the woods.

Cross the forest path and continue straight ahead on the path opposite, which goes through a poplar grove and crosses a clearing. Go round a pasture, then cross the D977 road and enter Frénois (opposite). Go down as far as the square.

After the left turn and before the stream, turn right and then right again. Pass the farm and continue on the track which goes up to the crest. Pass alongside the wood as far as the pylon, to the place known as "Tue-Chevaux".

Walk alongside the wood on the rutted track. When a second pylon appears on the right, continue straight on towards the south through the Marfée woods. You will reach a cross-roads.

Follow the right-hand path, cross the D977 road and cross Chevaeuges. Go between the school and the church and reach the "Fontaine du Vivier".

Shortly after, walk up the right-hand path, then take the 1st on the left opposite the chalet and follow the edge of the woods.

Take the second path on the left in the woods. When you come out of the wood, leave the path leading to Villiers-sur-Bar and continue straight on towards the north. After the picnic table, you will be at your departure point (the viewing table): walk down to the Moscou farm.
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