Bois Talot path
Le sentier du Bois Talot
Follow this circular trail through the Ardennes Forest, near the Belgian border, and dream of stories of smugglers.
Difficulty: Easy. 2 hours 20 mins. 7 km (4.4 miles)
Location: Illy, some 5 km (3 miles) north of Sedan by the Illy road.
Car park: Illy church
Minimum altitude: 228m. Maximum altitude: 308m
Marking: white-yellow / white-red / white-yellow
Source: "The Ardennes on foot" guide (FFRP/ Departmental Council)

1. At the Illy war memorial, head for Fleigneux for 50 m. Just before the temple, take the path which goes up the slope on the right. Pass a crossroads and continue straight on for 600 m.

2. At the second junction, take the path which goes down on the left as far as a small fort (1940) and the Hatrelle valley.

3. Just after the ONF sign, go up to the right to follow the former Bouillonais railway line, which overlooks the Hatrelle valley (interesting view of the deep valley). Continue as far as the "Fer à Cheval" crossing.

4. Descend the path on the right towards the Olly château and a small fort. At the end of the D129 road, take the path which climbs the slope to the right of the road.

5. By the water tower, turn left along the buildings of the Bestel company. The path turns to the right and reaches a junction. Turn right and continue as far as the farm.

The road on the left leads to the Illy calvary (Margueritte cross raised in memory of the sacrifice of the African Light Cavalry in 1870) 300 m further on.

6. Take the roar on the right and return to the centre of the village.

This circuit is detailed in the FF Hiking guide D008 "The Ardennes on foot". On sale in bookshops and on

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08200 ILLY