Industrial relics in the Givonne region on horseback
Start from Domaine des Prés Saint Rémy, Givonne, distance: 18 km.
This a former factory, with its ponds upstream of the main building, was converted into a residence shortly after 1870.

Take the path leading to Givonne, then the old road as far as Illy. On the heights, views of the Givonne Valley and its upper reaches. Turn right towards the Illy football field and a recent factory. Then descend towards the Givonne Valley, passing the Talot woods. The trail then joins the "Bouillonais", the embankment of the former railway line built between 1903 and 1910 to link the Meuse, Givonne and Semoy valleys until it was closed in 1933.

Go up the Bouillonais alongside the Hâtrelle stream as far as "La Bacoulette", a former factory which was converted into a residence in the 1980s. Leave the Bouillonais, then pass the former Hâtrelle water mill, now converted into a country residence. At the crossroads is a fortified house, now in ruins, which was part of the Maginot Line.

Return to the Bouillonnais between the two viaducts. About 4 km (2.5 miles) further on, join the Douaire forest path, which descends towards the "ruisseau des dix frères", with a recent dam and a trout ladder.  Follow the left bank of the stream until it meets the Givonne at "Les Glaynées", where the first factory on the river is situated.

Following the right bank as far as the Château d'Olly, other factory remains (dams, some ruins) can be seen. Then return to the forest to follow the left bank of the Givonne. The Warcan, Chataimont, Jacquemotte and Lamoir can then be seen in succession. These former factories have all been renovated, with their dams and typical architecture.

Many thanks to Ms Durand, Ferme équestre de la Chenaie, and Ms Stackler, Domaine des Prés Saint Rémy, for this tour and its description.

The above details are for information only. The use of the IGN 1/25000 (blue series) map no. 3109 O Bouillon is strongly recommended for persons following this trail.
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