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Tours are in English or French and are booked a minimum 24 hours in advance.
‘Tucker Tours’ are military history day tours around Sedan in the Ardennes. The main purpose is to see the Maginot Line around Sedan and understand the German assault across the river Meuse in May 1940. For this we see Maginot blockhouses, memorials, military cemeteries and most importantly, points of view to see how the battle progressed.

Sedan and the area around it have seen battles in 1870, 1914, 1918 as well. These combats took place over the same terrain as in May 1940. Consequently we cover these combats in as much detail as is of interest to visitors.

In the afternoon we follow the Maginot Line eastwards and do a private underground visit of the Maginot Line ouvrage ‘La Ferté’.

There are a range of options of what to see and where to go. For example a visit to the village of Stonne, scene of probably the fiercest fighting in May/June 1940.

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